VFX industriari buruzko jardunaldi bereziak. Irrealaren errealitatearen bila. = Jornadas especiales sobre VFX. Tras la realidad de lo irreal

2019-05-18 / 2019-07-20 Z Hall < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
VFX industriari buruzko jardunaldi bereziak. Irrealaren  errealitatearen bila. = Jornadas especiales sobre VFX. Tras la realidad de lo irreal

The aim of the sessions is to introduce and explain the functioning of the world of visual effects to the attendees. The artists will explain creative and technical processes involved in films, sequences and shots on which they have worked. They will show the solutions they provided to resolve the VFX challenges, and the necessary post-production, for the integration of the real set with the CGI, explaining the most advanced digital techniques used in the film industry and advertising at both national and international level. The sessions will cover topics from the pre-production, production and post-production stages of the project.


1. Show the workflow of VFX professionals
2. Familiarise the members of the audiovisual laboratory 2deo in particular, and also all the other attendees of the special sessions, with VFX and post-production
3. Share information about international productions with the help of professionals from the sector
4. Explain about the VFX pipeline both at national and international level
5. Show the possibilities that post-production offers within the world of storytelling
6. Explain the productive and creative processes used directly by these digital artists and professionals in the sector.

Participation is open to everyone working in the audiovisual world or who is interested in doing so. Audiovisual professionals, advertising creatives, art directors, concept artists, 3D designers, and any creative person who wants to find out about and understand the world of digital post-production and visual effects, as well as those interested in expanding their knowledge in the field of digital post-production, having studied degree courses and/or modules in Communication, Fine Arts, Design, Marketing and Advertising.






From rushes to final environment 18/5 10:00-14:00 Z Hall

Lucia Peralta Capelastegui (Madrid, 1984) Lead digital matte painter and concept artist who has worked internationally in Australia, England and Bulgaria.


A look at the world of VFX 22/6 10:00-14:00 2deo

Jose Miguel Zapata Rubio (Madrid, 1973) is a senior 3D digital artist and digital effects supervisor with 23 years of experience.


From generalist to specialist 20/7 10:00-14:00 2deo

Erasmo Torallas Bachelor of Fine Arts specialising in Sculpture from the Complutense University of Madrid.

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Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Tags : Activity, 2deo, Laboratory, Audiovisual


  • From rushes to final enviroment. Masterclass by Lucia Peralta Capelastegui
  • A look at the world of VFX. Masterclass by Jose Miguel Zapata Rubio.

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