Txirin-gailuaren eraikuntza = Construcción del Txirin-gailua

Txirin-gailuaren eraikuntza = Construcción del Txirin-gailua

With the aim of articulating, using and inhabiting public spaces in different ways, Tabakalera, in collaboration with M-Etxea and cultural agents and people from the Egia district, have designed and launched the Txirin-Gailu mobile device. Now the design phase has been completed, the workgroup has organised a three-day workshop which will take place in the first week of July. At this workshop, we will define Txirin-Gailu and explore alternative construction methods together with colleagues from Hirikilabs.

What is Txirin-Gailu? It is a mobile device capable of acting as a support for various activities (educational, artistic, cultural...) in public spaces. It is the result of a idea conceived in Autumn 2013, when it was realised that a mobile device could be the answer to the need to implement dynamic teaching practices. Two different versions of Txirin-Gailu will be created; one that will be for cultural agents in Egia to use collectively according to their needs and a second model that Tabakalera-Mediación will use to extend teaching activities beyond the building.

The design phase started as part of Winterlab, in collaboration M-Etxea, and the design is always based on the opinions collected through the interviews we are holding with the various cultural agents in Egia. Furthermore, in recent months, various sessions have been carried out which have been attended by cultural agents and individuals from the district. It is therefore a tool conceived and constructed collectively for shared use.

With the design prepared, it's time to start with the construction of Txirin-Gailu. We will build it in an open workshop, with the aim of opening up new joint learning possibilities, and we will benefit from the participation of members of Hirikilabs. Not surprisingly, the creation of Txirin-Gailu is infused with the maker ethic and the culture of shared knowledge.

Note: The first two sessions will be held at Hiriklas (Calle Easo 41-43), from 17:00 to 20:00, and the session on 5 July will taken place in Egia (location to be confirmed), from 11:00 to 14:00.


Organizer : Tabakalera - Hezkuntza

Protagonists : M-etxea

Tags : Workshop, DIY, M-etxea, Assembly, Txirin-gailua, Public space, Mobile device, Teamwork



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