#5 Murmuring City



The city whispers  murmurs, talks , argues or shouts , but it is not silent . Sometimes it is the bustle who calls us, other times it’s absence. But even the silence of the night, or somewhere hidden place’s  is weaved by countless distant echoes.

That is how Ricardo Atienza describes the neverending reality of our cities.  Atienza is a researcher, composer and sound artist. He currently works at Konstfack (University College of Arts Crafts and Design, Stockholm) where he’s research is focused on the interaction between architecture and sound art, and its application in urban design. Previously, he worked at Laboratoire Cresson (Centre for Sound Space and Urban Environment Research), France.

In the beggining, his  research was more focused on the theory of the relationship between sound and place, but nowadays he investigates solutions to some of the problems of discomfort and noise pollution in public spaces. To do so, Atienza is deeply interested in novel applications where music composition and sound art work as gear tools in this rereading of our relations with urbanism and architecture.

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Playing the space
¿Combatiendo ruido con más ruido?

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