Arduino hastapena I-II-III = Taller de Arduino de iniciación I-II-III

Arduino hastapena I-II-III = Taller de Arduino de iniciación I-II-III

Learning sessions that act as an introduction to experimental electronics, divided into different independent sessions and based on projects:

Introduction to electronics, physical Arduino, sensors, actuators, shields, and design and manufacture of PCBs.

- Session 1: Introduction to Arduino 1 (22/01/2014)
- Session 2: Introduction to Arduino 2 (29/01/2014)
- Session 3: Introduction to Arduino 3 (23/04/2014)

Introduction to the Arduino platform, an educational open-source hardware project to get students and design artists started in the world of interactive electronics

in a fun and practical way. They will look at basic electronic and programming concepts, the use of digital inputs and outputs and communication with a PC.

Date: 22-29 January 2013

Objectives: To get to know the Arduino development environment, the different boards that exist and learn to structure programmes to interact with inputs and outputs.

Contents: What is Arduino? What is open-source hardware? What type of Arduino boards are there? What are shields? Introduction to Arduino software. Installation of drivers and PC communication Programming language Processing. Structuring programming. Introduction to basic electronic components (LEDs, resistors, switches, cables). Protoboard.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Protagonists : Joshua Puerta, Mikel Ormazabal

Tags : Joshua Puerta, Arduino, Mikel Ormazabal, Hirikikas, Electronics, Sensor, Open hardware, Programming, Experimental