#6 A portrait of my apartment : exterior



First, I wanted to compose a piece after the precise structure of the apartment, its architecture, etc. Then, I completely changed my mind, going to a sort of poetic and realitic survey in the past and in the very present of this place. In fact, life overpassed the formal idea … I have been trapped by the thickness of the time I spent in this place, and the events that always emmerged at some unpredictible points, informing the rooms and the space with some physical as well as mental traces : I guess it’s the same with everybody’s life.
I have been living for 16 years in this apartment and 25 years in this part of the town, a very popular part of Paris, one of the last one : Belleville – Ménilmontant. Constantly active, this area is full of very different people that manage to life together in a rather peacefull way — rather noisy as well… As the flat is on the first floor, when being inside, I remain very connected to the outside, at the same time, as the building is not directly in the street, the murmur of the area comes to the apartment through some distances. Still, you’ll hear that the outside is from time to time invading the inside of the different rooms …
For me, the climax of the neighbourhood activity is the market that takes place every Tuersday and Friday morning on the boulevard next to the public garden that is next to the entrance of the building.
This apartment is an interface between in & out : Years after years, it continuusly asks me this question : “what is your in(side) ? what is your out(side) ?” (probably not what I thought they would be at first… at last to say : “when will you be aware that there’s no such things ?” — inside/outside).

Nevertheless, the portrait is in two parts:
Inside, the first one is composed with sequences of sound that were recorded inside the apartment.
Outside, the second one is a one shot travelling, from the apartment to the market, through the public garden, and back to the apartment through the underground parking and the lift.

32 min. : soinua ; 79 MB ; MP3

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