Soy mucho mejor que Voh. Circuito

Soy mucho mejor que Voh. Circuito

Cristobal is a loser, a drunk, he is forty and living midlife crissis . Cristobal is no longer a teenager, but sometimes it seems like. He is trying to deal with the success of his wife and he feels humiliated facing an uncertain future.  He comes to nightlife and the excesses in the city of Santiago. Cynicism, humor, comedy and urban “under ” life,  under means bottom here. Down, down, to failure, with humor and no political correctness.

Soy mucho mejor que voh, Ché Sandoval, 2013, Chile. 83'. OST (Spanish)

Directed by: Ché Sandoval

Screen: Ché Sandoval

Cast: Sebastián Brahm, Nicolás Alaluf, Antonella Costa, Catalina Zar

Production: Caleidoscopio Cine, Don Quijote Films

Photography: Eduardo Bunster

Editing: Manuela Piña, Andrea Chignoli