Austral fever


Austral fever

Amanda lives with her son Daniel in Chile’s southern mountain range. Octavio, one of Daniel’s friends, is injured while they are hunting in the forest. Amanda takes charge of the curing sessions, developing an intimate relationship with the boy. Both discover that contact with the wound produces an addictive pleasure.

Thomas Woodroffe Silva (direction) ; Thomas Woodroffe, Camila Aboitiz, Gabriel Goicoechea (script) ; Gabriel Goicoechea, Camila Aboitiz (editing) ; Emilia Martín (photograph) ; Francisca Gavilán, Nicolás Sobarzo, Roberto Villena, José Soza (interpeter) ; Chile ; 2019 ; Selected short film

21 min. : kol. ; 497 MB ; MP4


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