Kimuak 2014. Film laburren emanaldia = Kimuak 2014. Screening of a short films

Kimuak 2014. Film laburren emanaldia = Kimuak 2014. Screening of a short films

For five days San Sebastian becomes a window for this festival, screening more than 30 short films from its most daring and experimental section. This year the exhibition has been completed with a week-long workshop given by filmmaker Laida Lertxundi. This year, once again, the screening program will be completed with the short films from  Kimuak helped by Culture Department of the Basque Goverment Etxepare Institute and Basque Filmoteque.

A serious comedy, Lander Camarero, 30 min. OS
Nizar Rawi, director of the Iraq Short Film Festival, tired of never receiving comedies at his festival, decides to try and encourage the production of this genre in his country and change the idea outsiders have of the Iraqi people.

Anómalo, Aitor Gutiérrez, 15 min. OS
Three elderly men have fun spying on a woman through their binoculars from the covered swimming pool in a sports centre. The glass walls of the pool are both their shield and their vantage point. But tonight Luis, Darío and Pedro will witness an occurrence that can’t be undone.

Don Miguel, Kote Camacho, 6 min. OST
Eugenio heads axe in hand to Don Miguel’s pharmacy, plethoric. Don Miguel only has to sign a few documents in order that the Bank will finally lend Eugenio the money he’s asked for. But instead of signing them and making Eugenio’s day, Don Miguel makes him a deal

Hubert le Blonen azken helgaldia, Koldo Almandoz, 10 min. OST
The story of a pioneer of the engine who dreamt of dragonflies as a child and died living out his dream.

Sailor's grave, Vuk Jevremovic, Carlos Santa, Cecilia Traslaviña, Juan Camilo Gonzalez, José Belmonte, Isabel Herguera, Wang Liming, Cheng Kemei, Richard Reeves, Koldo Almandoz. 5 min. OST

The horrors of a shipwreck, the bells of a forgotten lighthouse and the coming and going of the tides surround a tale about the sea. Sailor’s Grave is the result of a workshop based on a work method taking its inspiration from the exquisite corpse game, a mechanism of collective creation where the participants manipulate and transform one another’s drawings to construct an intuitive, improvised narration.

Soroa, Asier Altuna, 13 min. OST
Arid soil, sun, wind. A procession crosses the landscape. The echoes of their prayers bring the rain.

Zarautzen erosi zuen, Aitor Arregi, 16 min. OST
Often, when Miren goes to order her coffee, so­meone jumps the queue. But the day she reali­ses that a blouse has been stolen from her shop she decides to put her foot down.