Erretratua - Autoerretratua - Antirretratua = Retrato - Autorretraro - Antirretrato = Portrait - Selfportrait - Antiportrait

Erretratua - Autoerretratua - Antirretratua = Retrato - Autorretraro - Antirretrato = Portrait - Selfportrait - Antiportrait

We continue with Program09 and its drifts.  During May we will focus on the concepts of portrait and self-portrait. Already in the early films of Chantal Akerman we saw the Belgian filmmaker move to stand in front of the camera and how she started showing off her body on screen. From that gesture, self-conscious and in first person, to the portrait of the other. And some possible questions: all involves a self-portrait? Is It a form of affirmation of the other, a self- affirmation act? Or, Is the portrait-antiportrait possible? The mirror, heteronyms, twice, the first person, second person, emptiness as a way of self-representation … We will have several guests who will address these and other doubts and certainties from artistic practices. We will open the program with a classic quote from Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897):

I hung the hand mirror from the window and started shaving. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I heard the voice of the count  saying, “Good morning.” I was startled, surprised for having not seen him entering, because the mirror reflected the whole room behind me. […] But the count did not reflect in the mirror! I could see the whole room behind me. But there was no sign of any human being, except me.

With the participation of: Natasha Nedelkova, Germán Scelso, Isaki Lacuesta, Nuria Cubas, Michela Depetris, Santiago Fillol, collective Playtime Audiovisuales, Felix Fernandez, Rafael Berrio.

PROGRAMME. (Free entrance).

May 25
10am-2pm Lecture and program opening. Isaki Lacuesta.
4pm-6:30pm Presentation by Nuria Cubas of her artistic practice.
7pm Projection. Ana y Kazuyo. Nuria Cubas. 2013

May 26
10am-12:30am Presentación by Michela Depetris of her artistic practice.
1pm Projection. The Oval Portrait / Film in 12 tableaux. Michela Depetris. 2013
4pm-6:30pm Lecture. “El retrato y su proyección”. Santiago Fillol.
7pm Projection. Ich bin Enric Marco. Santiago Fillol, Lucas Vermal. 2009

May 27
6pm Presentation by Playtime audiovisuales collective. They will introduce their approach to the audiovisual portrait and screen the first feature selected to be shown in Programme09.
7pm Projection. Reminiscencias. Juan Daniel Molero. 2010.

May 28
7pm Projection. Sink or Swim. Su Friedrich. 1990

May 29
7pm Musicalized lecture. Rafael Berrio