Programa 09. Michela Depetris "The oval portrait"

Programa 09. Michela Depetris

Presentation and review of her artistic work.

“”I could read a fairytale by a famous writer. Put on a movie by a famous director. If I have headphones, I would tell you something in the ear, I would take pictures of you, I would offer you rare fruit, We could look at the scenery … I would try to do it all simple. I could also do something else. I would try to establish relationships between the fugitive and durable. I would try a game of tightropes. “”.

The Oval Portrait / Film in 12 tableaux, Michela Depetris. 2013. 38'

12 sequence shots filming the development of 12 polaroid photographs. Out of the photo’s frame, reality continues with its sounds and images. The artist holds the polaroid with her fingers, looking at the making of the portraits, all dedicated to the same person. The protagonist is the time, passing over after each shot.
The image comes and becomes past, while present happens, unpredictable. The viewer sees things without looking at them.

“The oval portrait/film in 12 tableaux” is loosely based on Vivre sa vie by Jean Luc Godard and it has been realized and shot in a private house, home and work place of a transexual prostitute. The title of the work, reminds to the Oval portrait by Edgar Allan Poe, a short story about the delicate balance between the painter and the subject of his paintings and the relation between the artwork and the time.