Zine plaza. "Los malos sueños de René Petit"

Zine plaza.

We will visit different areas of the city and carry out small-scale different activities related to the cultural project . We will use Txiringailua -T, a mobile device created by M- ​​Etxea and Tabakalera to make different activities in public space .

Zine Plaza arises as an area to programme audiovisual materials strongly linked with the broad spectrum of the social.

Guests: Eguzki Bideoak, Asociación Rio Aragón, Yesa + No Lanak gelditu.

Los malos sueños de René Petit. Aitor Balbás, Spain, 2014, 74'

Is the geology of the area suitable for the regrowth of Yesa? What if the dam does not hold? How fast the 1,079 hm3 of the new reservoir will be emptied? How much time do the people of the region have to evacuate their villages ? Antonio Casas, a geologist at the University of Zaragoza, has been proposed to find out. Perhaps the time of the abuses in water policies is beginning to end.