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1st Video. First Day

Oihana’s instructions:
- Materials: paper and a pen.
- Draw your home’s plan on the paper with your eyes closed.
- Take the paper and walk around the home.
- While you are walking, write behind the paper the textures, forms, colours, materials that you are seeing.
- the walking lasts 7 minutes.
- When the time is finished, sit down in front of the computer.
- You are going to say: “MY HOME IS….” and you are going to read out loud the list that you have written and the plan that you have drawn.

2nd Video: Door

Noemi’s instructions:
- Be behind of a closed door.
- Open it and say “Hola!”.
- Wait some seconds. Say good bye. Closed again the door and come back to the firs position.
- Do this exercice 10 times.
- TIP: Do it whatever you like.

3rd Video: Glitter

Angel’s instructions:
- Repeat the word “Glitter” during 3'30 minutes.

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