2deo, Zinemaldia & Technology 2021

2021-06-16 / 2021-06-17 Z Hall < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa, Online
2deo, Zinemaldia & Technology 2021

The advent of new technologies, present in spheres as wide-ranging as health, industry, energy, communication and economy, has also meant a profound change in all links of the audiovisual production chain. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Virtual Reality are concepts which, until only a very short time ago, were completely alien to us but which have a notable influence on storytelling, on data use, on the appearance of new business models and on tools for promoting and disseminating the cinema. 

Such is the magnitude of the digital transformation that it is increasingly common for technology firms and companies to strike up alliances around the cinema in the endeavour to satisfy the needs of an ever more demanding audience, in a changing environment representing both challenges and opportunities. 

Thus, 2deo, the audiovisual library of the Tabakalera-International Centre for Contemporary Culture, proposes, in collaboration with the San Sebastian Festival, a series of meetings and talks inviting reflection on the influence of new technologies on the cinema and how the latter has taken advantage of the situation in a constant reinvention of the audiovisual creation, production and exhibition processes. 


Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

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  • Cybersecurity in the audiovisual field
  • Artificial Intelligence : the secret ingredient


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