Tabakalera ezagutu

Tabakalera ezagutu

Series of visits that will allow people to get to know this cultural project and the building by means of different routes, views and voices. It will be a unique opportunity to get to know the project from the inside, uninhabited, before it begins to function as an International Centre for Contemporary Culture.

Visits: Cultural Project

8 September, 11:00 (Basque), 18:00 (Spanish).
9 September, 12:00 (Spanish).
10 September, 18:00 (Spanish), 19:30 (Basque).

We will take a tour of the spaces within Tabakalera to get to know the project in its entirety as a centre of creation and contemporary culture. We will visit the areas where the activities of the programme for the different aspects of the project will take place, such as the exhibition halls, the cinema, the mediation space, the digital culture and technology laboratories and the creation library.

Visits: Architecture

8 September, 11:30 (Spanish), 18:30 (Basque).
9 September, 11:00 (Basque).
10 September, 17:00 (Basque), 18:30 (Spanish).

During this tour we will have the opportunity to talk to people linked to the Tabakalera architectural project. We will focus the dialogue on the history of the construction and remodelling of the building, to find out about its transformation from tobacco factory into cultural space.

Visits: Cutural Ecosystem

8 September, 12:00 (Basque), 19:00 (Spanish).
9 September, 11:30 (Spanish).
10 September, 17:30 (Spanish), 19:00 (Basque).

We will take a tour of the Tabakalera building to get to know the cultural ecosystem formed by the different institutions, initiatives, cultural agents and projects that the building gives home to.

Visits: History

8 September, 18:00 (Spanish).

This tour will be focused on the memroy of the building and its historic values. In conversation with Tabacalera's former worker María Jesus Néstar and Mertxe Tranche, feminist researcher, we will talk about the stories of the old tabacco factory.


3, 10, 17, 24 and 31