Ella i jo


Ella i jo

Queralt, a painter from Barcelona, tries to talk to her daughter Gemma on the phone. Gemma is starting a new life in Athens, in a studio where she paints and lives.


Jaume Claret Muxart (direction) ; Jaume Claret Muxart (production) ; Jaume Claret Muxart (script) ; Maria Castan (editing) ; Mario Sanz, Oriol Campi (score) ; Marina Palacio, Bernat Bonaventura (photograph) ; Anna Muxart, Mariona Martín, Tristan Honorat Martín, Mathieu Honorat (interpeter) ; Spain ; Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola - EQZE (school) ; 2020 ; Selected shor film

20 min. : kol. ; 558 MB ; MP4


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