I want to return return return


I want to return return return

A late-summer morning in Wrangelkiez, Berlin, Elpi, a young Greek woman, receives a phone call from a long-lost friend. As the day progresses, Elpi's apprehensive wait for their reunion interweaves with the lives of other neighbourhood locals. In the neighbourhood there is a lingering feeling of wanting to get back to something. But to where, to what, and to whom?


Elsa Rosengren (direction) ; Margarita Amineva (production) ; Elsa Rosengren (script) ; Esteban Alfaro, Elsa Rosengren (editing) ; Frank Behnke (score) ; Giulia Schelhas (photograph) ; Elpiniki Saranti, Maria Kalach, Ramses Komuro Boubaker, Robert Hamill, Stefan Keuneke (interpeter) ; Germany ; German Film & Television Academy Berlin – DFFB (eschool) ; 2020 ; Selected short film

32 min. : kol. ; 936 MB ; MP4

German, English, Swedish, Wolof

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