History repeats itself. In 1979, the workers at Numax, the Spanish manufacturer of household appliances, learn that an experiment of collective self-management to save their business has failed. Aware of the defeat, they decide to capture their last days on film. In 2013, the cooperative Fagor, one of the largest manufacturers of household electronics in Europe, were forced to close their books.

Roger Bernat invited the workers from Fagor to restage the last deliberations at Numax in the style of re-enactments of historical battles. An original presentation that revives a real moment of collective crisis through a collectivisation of the discourse. We have the last word.


Creator: Roger Bernat
Performer: Núria Martínez-Vernis
Dramaturgia:Roberto Fratini
Historic research: Pablo González Morandi
Video edition: Ramiro Ledo Cordeiro
Programmation of visualisation device: Matteo Sisti
Sound design: Cristóbal Saavedra Vial
Technical director:Txalo Toloza 
Coordinator: Helena Febrés Fraylich with Ricard Terés.
Thanks to:Jordi Colomer, Carolina Olivares and Noe Laviana

Based on Numax, presenta (1980) by Joaquim Jordà, helped by ex-workers of Numax andFagor-Electrodomésticos factories, Plataforma de Socios y socias de Fagor,  Ahots Kooperatibista and Mondraberri.

Production: Elèctrica Produccions with KunstenFestivalDesArts (Bruxelles) and Grec 2014 Festival de Barcelona. Previous version of the performance was co-produced by  FRAC Basse Normandie  (Caen) and Temporada Alta (Girona).