How to make #03 : STEAM

How to make #03 : STEAM

We define as new artisans the community of people who investigate and share the possibilities of digital technology applied to different areas of interest and work. The new artisans around Hirikilabs meet in How To Make.

How To Make is meeting of creatives, architects, engineers, scientists and the general public interested in knowing the maker culture, learning and sharing that we celebrate monthly at Hirikilabs. Through those series of talks Hirikilabs will become a training and theory -critical reflection about culture , creation and digital manufacturing.

In this session we will focus on STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Arts), a movement that is aimed to introduce digital technology development and manufacturing in education. In the United States they have called this movement STEAM. The objective of the session will be to get to know how different agents are working from their own experiences.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Protagonists : Paola Guimerans, Jabi Luengo, Mikel Gómez

Tags : STEAM, New artisans, Design, Open source, Free Culture, Paola Guimerans, Jabi Luengo, Mikel Gómez, Education



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