Aurkezpenak eta eztabaidak. Tabakoa = Presentaciones y debates. Tabaco

Aurkezpenak eta eztabaidak. Tabakoa = Presentaciones y debates. Tabaco

To urge on and start this conversation, we have invited people from different areas with different profiles, with the intention of doing a tour of the many directions and junctions along which the subject of stimulants will take us. As stated in the introduction, the subject of stimulants has many nuances and folds: new theories about colonialism, hidden relationships between the biological body and the political economy, appetite and health, modern and contemporary notions of space and the public issue...among others. Tables are organised around various substances: tobacco, sugar, coffee and cocoa. Contributions made by the guests will lead to conversation.

The introduction of tobacco into Europe generated extensive literature in favour of and against its use. The great number of arguments of a religious, medical and aesthetic nature that have been provoked suggests that this plant was transplanted into the consciences of Europeans before the land or continental customs. Discussed like no other stimulant, tobacco has been linked to notions such as concentration and inspiration, not to mention its aesthetic implications.

Smoke makes it possible to play with mystery, with what is beyond the representations that we make of reality and the objective truth. Let us remember that principle of architecture which states that only in a burning house is it possible to see the fundamental architectural problem for the first time and thus try to observe the original project that housed this construction. What is the reason for this radical division of views in the face of an item linked to distraction? What place does the ephemeral have in the construction and understanding of reality? What are the symbolic consequences of the disappearance of "smoke" from public and domestic spaces?

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Protagonists : Marion Cruza Le Bihan, Amaia Urra, Pablo Marte, Marc Badal, Susana Carro Ripalda

Tags : Ecology, Lecture, Amaia Urra, Marion Cruza, Pablo Marte, Tobacco, Marc Badal, Susana Carro Ripalda, Smoke, Addiction, Habit