Osasuna / Jakintza / Boterea = Salud / Saber / Poder = Health / Knowledge / Power

Osasuna / Jakintza / Boterea = Salud / Saber / Poder = Health / Knowledge / Power

The need to intervene in medical knowledge was fundamental for people diagnosed early with HIV. The change in relationship between health, knowledge and power, which led to the first AIDS activism, is the starting point for this activity, which seeks to activate an exchange network between different forms of practical knowledge on the political management of the body.

The activity focuses on five sessions of conversation and debate on issues such as HIV/AIDS, ecology and food, functional diversity, the legal system and migration. Local coordinator of the programme: Josebe Iturrioz. 


Apirilak 16, 5pm, Workshop Hall
-Christian Rodriguez: Chilean anthropologist and psycho-sociologist. Founder during the 1980s of the CEPSS - Centre for Public Health Policy Studies, in Concepción, Chile.
--Harribeltza: association founded in 1994 in the town of Oiartzun, Gipuzkoa, which works in the field of AIDS information and prevention.

May 7  2:30pm, Workshop Hall
Ecology / Food
-Edurne Epelde: activist with Bilgune Feminista whose main focuses of interest include diet and macrobiotics.
-Consuelo Infante: Chilean journalist and environmental activist. She works at the Latin American Observatory for Environmental Conflicts (OLCA) in Santiago de Chile.

May 27, 5pm, Workshop Hall
Functional diversity and non­regulatory bodies
-Las Raras: an experimental research group based in Madrid made up of people labelled tullid@s (cripples), marica (poof), bollo (dyke), trans*, locx, etc.
-Elena Urko: activist with PostOp (Barcelona), a group which has contributed to the creation of transfeminism.

June 11, 5pm, Workshop Hall
The legal system
-Hibai Arbide: lawyer based in Athens who works with different social movements, including the squatter movement and illegal immigrants.
-Juana Balmaseda: lawyer specialising in gender issues who offers practical training in preventing sexist violence.

June 25, 5pm, Workshop Hall
Mobility of bodies / Immigration / Border management
-Brais Varela: Member of the Red Cross in the Basque Country. He works with inmates at Martutene Prison and is an expert in Spanish immigration law.
-Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario (Humanitarian Maritime Rescue): a group of volunteers from the Basque Country who work to help refugees entering Europe along the Greek coastlines.

Credits: Observatorio Latinoamericano de Conflictos Ambientales.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Protagonists : Josebe Iturrioz, Christian Rodriguez, Harribeltza, ACASGI, Osakidetza, Edurne Epelde, Consuelo Infante, Las Raras, Elena Urko, Hibai Arbide, Juana Balmaseda

Tags : Exposition, Anarchivo sida, Workshop



  •  Health / Knowledge / Power
  •  Functional diversity and non­regulatory bodies