Hormek diote

Hormek diote

Hormek Diote is a European City of Culture DSS2016 project that proposes five interventions on five walls (in San Sebastian, Pasaia and Errenteria) to transmit the value of coexistence. On this occassion, we will offer three of the audio-visual programmes included: big bang big boom by blu, Eta Gorrek entzuten dute by Iñigo Salaberria, 15’. Gure hormek by Las Chicas de Pasaik (María Elorza, Maider Fernández).

The Hormek Diote programme is free. Invites can be collected on the website and info point.

Organizer : Tabakalera - Proyectos audiovisuales

Protagonists : Iñigo Salaberria, Koldo Almandoz, Las chicas de Pasaik

Tags : Projection, Koldo Almandoz, Contemporary film, Las chicas de Pasaik, The atomic age, Iñigo Salaberria, Hormek diote



  •  2016 Folleto del programa de marzo
  •  2016 Agenda del programa de marzo