12 minutuko = 12 por minuto

12 minutuko = 12 por minuto

Opening September 8th, 7pm

Ocean waves have a frequency of 12 cycles per minute – it is more or less the respiratory frequency of a sleeping adult or someone in a deep state of calm, as if his/hers body was in sync with the ocean.

The idea is based on human's evolutionary origin in water and what of that origin has been stored in the cell memory of our bodies. In a nutshell - we all come from the ocean and the first months of our lives we spend in water. It soothes us, while the sound of rushing water gives us rest. That is why people like to spend so much time under the shower or in a bath. Water rinses tension and stress, relaxes the whole body and brings rest to our mind. For centuries water has also been an important element of many rituals in various cultures. People believe, that it has the power to purify, add strength and bring salvation.

Organizer : Tabakalera - Prácticas contemporáneas

Protagonists : Natalia Bażowska

Tags : Exposition, Residency, Natalia Bażowska



  •  12 por minuto. Inauguración
  •  12 por minuto