1960ko hamarkadako "sare sozialak" = "Redes sociales" de la década de 1960 = "Social networks" of the 1960s

1960ko hamarkadako

The response to the communication needs of humans and society can only be understood by taking into account the multiple factors linked to a historical moment and time. Today’s strong social media also herald certain circumstances.   Thus, this session will try to clarify how the “social media” worked in the 1960s, and at the time of the harsh dictatorship, in Euskal Herria: options, intermediaries, dirty tricks…

During the 1960s, the post civil war generation was firmly committed to freedom at all social levels:  on the labour market, in the villages, neighbourhoods, in the fight for the Basque language, in the Basque speaking schools. Against Franco’s regime and for a new social construction.

The absolute control of communications under that force forced a whole social movement to construct their own hidden publishing system and, above all, which had to be clandestine.  

We aim to showcase, and implement, flyers, posters, fact sheets and other materials from that time, by explaining the creative process and its influences.