"Architectus omnibus?" proiektuaren aurkezpena eta Marina Fernández "Tejiendo la calle" = Presentación del proyecto "Architectus omnibus?" y Marina Fernández "Tejiendo la calle" = Presentation of the "Architectus omnibus?" project and Marina Fernández "Tejiendo la calle"

Presentation of the Architectus Omnibus? project, organised by the Goethe Institut, the Instututo Cervantes y the Spanish Ministry for Economic Development. The project will be on display at the Tabakalera Plaza until 31 October.

The event will also include a presentation of the project Tejiendo la calle (Weaving the Street), by Marina Fernández. Tejiendo La Calle is an open-participation project, consisting of making parasols using the  Crochet XXL technique, which will be installed in the streets of Valverde de La Vera (Cáceres) during culture week and the August fiestas in the town.