Zirrikitu = Intersticio = Interstice

Zirrikitu = Intersticio = Interstice

Open Call Exchange Residency: Tabakalera - Centre d'Art de la Synagogue de Delme

Courtesy of the artist and the galerie Jousse entreprise, Paris
The legend of Cargo de nuit:
Cargo de nuit (Night freighter) / 2016 / HD / 5’15’’ / color / mute 

Landscapes fascinate me. I film interstices, spaces of indeterminacy and transition, between light and darkness. My videos have strong grain and altered colours, on the boundary between black and white.

During eleven days, I travelled on a cargo ship to shoot videos. I crossed the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. I am currently continuing my video research on water : its movement, its material and its lack. I am making hypnotic videos, close to abstraction. The waters attract me because they are invasive and uncontrollable.

At San Sebastian, I will keep on watching the sea. I will observe the light variations, the surface of the water. During the residency, I will focus on the specific geography of San Sebastian, a vibrant city between Cantabrian Sea, Igueldo and Urgull. I will explore the interstices, trying to understand the coexistence of nature and city. The urban beaches will inspire me and be a good spot of observation to watch the waters and the city. As in my most recent art works, I will film between light and darkness.