Dresden babesleku = Refugio Dresde = Dresden refuge = Refuge Dresde

Dresden babesleku = Refugio Dresde = Dresden refuge = Refuge Dresde

In 2015, Germany was the only European country that offered an open-door policy to the refugees fleeing en masse from war-torn countries. As a result, Germany welcomed one million people in one year. The documentary shows the impact of this phenomenon on Dresden, a city featuring in the media spotlight as the birthplace and stage of the PEGIDA demonstrations (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West), an organization openly hostile towards refugees. This film shows a divided city, with a very troubled history that influences the way its residents respond to the arrival of the refugees. For some, the town's history and their own experiences inspire them to participate in actions to welcome the refugees, whilst others find justifications in the past for rejecting them.Based on real events, DRESDEN REFUGE demonstrates that the reception of refugees has been a constant in Germany since the end of the Second World War and that the distress experienced by displaced persons is the same in all the wars.

Xuban Intxausti (direction) ; Leire Larisgoitia (production) ; Joan Úbeda (production promoter) ; Pilar Razquin (production direction) ; Marc Parramón (filming) ; Juanma Arizmendi and Cosima Dannoritzer (script) ; Izorel  (score) ; Asier Lasa (graphism) ; 2016 ; Documentary

Organizer : San Sebastián - Donostia 2016, Mediapro

Tags : Projection, Europa Transit, Conflict, Germany



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