Tranxmedia (2012)

2012-10-30 / 2012-10-30 EiTB - Multibox aretoa < Bilbo < Bizkaia
Tranxmedia (2012)

Transmedia is a new model of storytelling based on either real or fictional stories. These kind of projects are seeking new narratives where the audience becomes the main roll of the story, developers design products based on interaction, and use all the resources that technology offers. So when can say that the Transmedia projects fit the current audiovisual context.

09:00h – 9:30h / Presentation of Tranxmedia conference
09:30h – 10:45h / Brief conceptual approach: transmedia & Power to the Pixel 10:45h – 11:00h / Coffee break
11:00h – 13:00h / Examples of transmedia productions
13:00h – 13:45h / Tranxlan workshop-laboratory: results of the experience 13:45h – 15:00h / Lunch break
15:00h – 18:00h / Transmedia workshop on Korrika
18:00h – 18:30h / Presentations of the workshop about Korrika

* The morning conference will be in English and spanish; the afternoon workshop in Basque, no translation.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera, EiTB, UPV - Universidad del País Vasco

Tags : Transmedia storytelling, TranXlan, Tranxmedia, Tranxmedia 2012, The 5 children


  • Breve aproximación al transmedia y a Power to the Pixel
  • Colaboratorio de relatos, Tranxlan : una experiencia local


  •  Resumen de la jornada Tranxmedia
  •  Tranxmedia 2012. Cartel

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