Immaterial 2021

2021-06-01 / 2021-06-04 Online
Immaterial 2021

Meeting on digitally mediated realities.

IMMATERIAL is an experimental meeting around the current paradigm mediated by the reality of the digital.

The pandemic experience has brought to everyday life a relational scenario previously reserved, a priori, for people with certain interests and/or specific profiles, such as gamers, certain age groups or specific subcultures. The ludification of society and the logics of visual culture, increasingly more habitually question us in codes and languages close to or derived from the video game and lead us to digital spaces or territories that propose virtuality as an immaterial and real place (at the same time). 

IMMATERIAL proposes an encounter around the virtual space and the logics it propitiates. The avatar, self-representation, the fact of inhabiting or the ways of conceiving bodies in the digital. This proposal is based on a virtual stage, a Tabakalera façade from which we will share collective modes of political, poetic and artistic construction. For this purpose, complicities have been woven with a network of agents whose trajectories converge in the design and management of this meeting.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Tags : Luca Carrubba, Seminar, Experimentation, Digital, Reality, T Game, Immaterial


  • Immaterial (01-06-2021)
  • Immaterial (02-06-2021)


  •  Immaterial (01-06-2021)
  •  Immaterial (02-06-2021)

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