Against all odds


Against all odds

Younus won't give up! The fascination for a strange yet familiar father figure mix with a growing longing for real intimacy. Cautiously testing and pushing boundaries, Younus plays a risky game. When the tension finally explodes, he questions the deeper foundations of this fragile relationship.

Laurenz Otto (direction) ; Laurenz Otto (script) ; Antonia-Marleen Klein (editing) ;  Mathis Hanspach  (photographer) ; Johannes Degen, Daniel Michel  (interpeter) ; Germany ; ifs internationale filmschule köln (school) ; 2022 ; Selected short film

15 min. : kol. ; 446 MB ; MP4


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Authors : Laurenz Otto

Tags : Short film, Eiecine, Competition, Encounter, Nest, Nest 2022

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