2022-10-14 / 2022-12-14 2. Nabea < Tabakalera < Donostia / San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa

This is the third edition of the collective exhibition eremuak and takes place in Tabakalera, San Sebastian, the programme’s host institution. The exhibition, held every four years, aims to promote creation in the Basque artistic scene through a collective gaze that attempts to show a precise moment in the art produced in the nearby context.

The HARRIAK initiative, aimed at activating new spaces for artistic mediation, exhibition and dissemination, serves as an ‘archive’ and starting point for the exhibition. HARRIAK takes place in exhibition spaces belonging to municipal cultural centres, and artists and mediators have been participating in the initiative since 2016. 

The exhibition’s title, Hamahiru (‘Thirteen’), refers to the number of artists participating in it, placing the focus on the artists and highlighting the number 13 as a representation of the imperfect and incomplete. A declaration on the impossibility of fully grasping the exhibition the here and now of the Basque art context.

From the start and during the entire process, the requirement not to structure the exhibition based on a pre-established form or in a calculated way has been maintained, doing this instead by means of the proposals presented by the artists, their nature and their processes.

The selection of artists and the curating of the exhibition is carried out by the current members of the technical committee of eremuak: José Ramón Amondarain, Aimar Arriola and Leire Muñoz, along with Maider López, a member of this committee up until recently.