Begi gaiztoa = Mal de ojo = Evil eye

2022-10-21 / 2022-10-22 Tabakalera < Donostia / San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Begi gaiztoa = Mal de ojo = Evil eye

From the metaphor of the “visual ray” to the “revolver photographique” dreamt up by Pierre Jules César Janssen, the parallel history of optics and ballistics is full of strange coincidences and connections that ultimately converge in the form of a drone --a camera that can kill--.

While it is quite surprising to consider the point to which our perception has been trained by logic rooted in military tactics, we shouldn’t forget that an entire visibility system saturated with the elements of gender and race that have actively contributed to its development exists under the guardianship of this technological and scientific trajectory. 

This seminar is the precursor to an exhibition project of the same name curated by Ana Teixiera Pinto and Oier Etxeberria, that will take place at Tabakalera in early 2023, with the aim of investigating and debating these questions that refer to the historical course of technological prostheses, as well as neo-colonial geo-politics or the various aesthetic notions that we have inherited from modernity.

The seminar will be presented through presentations and conferences with visual artists, filmmakers, curators, and researchers that are studying the recent transformations taking place in the field of human perceptions.




October 21, Friday (Z Hall, 1st Floor)

18:00 Ho Rui An's lecture: "Image Drive: Observations Near the End of the Road" 

19:00 Beatriz Colomina's lecture: "X-Ray Architecture" 


October 22, Saturday. Morning (Medialab, 2nd Floor)

11:00 Conversation between Ignacio Mendiola, Gari Garaialde, Anaitze Agirre and Esteban Zamora: "Security devices and sovereign view at the border: the Irun wall" (Medialab, 2nd Floor)


October 22, Saturday. Evening (Z Hall, 1st Floor)

16:00 Presentation. Ana Teixeira Pinto (online), German Labrador and Oier Etxeberria.

17:00-20:30 Lectures:

- Azucena Vieites: "Hey Baby! Low-fi artistic practices and contemporary visual culture"

- Jose Díaz Cuyas: "Areal images, gasified bodies"

- Miranda Pennell: "Space Invaders: how does the coloniser see?"

- Antoine Bousquet: "From Scopic Regimes to the Martial Gaze: Theorising Counter-Practices to Militarised Perception"

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Tags : Cinema, Technology, Seminar, Giza pertzepzioa



  •  Hey Baby! and Areal images
  •  Presentación de Ana Teixeira Pinto y German Labrador

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