Suggest. Beginning of the flirtodrome: The DSSirez caravan travelled around the neighbourhoods of San Sebastian and besides providing the keys to seduction, the suggestions of citizens to turn flirting into a fun activity were collected at the Fleur Play workshops. The collection of these ideas was summarised in the Decalogue, and its presentation kicked off the party.

Explore. Group trip from the Olarain hostel to the Doka theatre: The organisers of the Flirtodrome waited for the attendees of the ‘Sexology and Culture in the 21st Century’ conferences organised by AEPS (State Association of Sexology Professionals) at the Olarain hostel, to walk to Doka after the conferences.

Taste. Pub crawl around Doka with a happy ending: Group pub crawl. On the way to the Pepe bar, they played erotic and fun games. At the finish line, they were able to eat an Erotic Sandwich.

Experiment. Socio-erotic tests: They offered an intimate space to carry out the experiments, so they could get to know each other better: kisses, hugs, looks...exchanges that depended on them!

Discover. Sensory experiments: Taste, touch, hearing and smell were the protagonists. Blindfolded and helped by a guide for the blind, the participants immersed themselves in a sensory journey, through the stimulation of various elements.

Play. Knowledge tests for groups: A question and answer game, similar to the Trivial Pursuit classic. Participants had to answer directly to the questions classified in four groups. The main difference between the Ero Trivial and the classic game was that the questions were about sexuality and erotic content.

Suggest. Get a fun nickname: Each person had an avatar (sticker) and a space-box, and they could receive a message from anyone in the Flirtodrome. Once the avatar was activated, each participant had access to an analogue chat, in order to be able to leave messages and to suggest participating together in various activities.

Place. Fun suggestions: A decorated space that inspired suggestive poses, in order to have a photo session alone, in groups or as a couple. At the photocall, there was attrezzo and elements to nourish these portraits, such as feather boas, handcuffs, hats, magnifying glasses, glasses, masks...

Desire. Expression of erotic DSSires: Cards to express Dssires were offered, in order to put them into the Dssires box later. The most significant DSSires collected in the neighbourhoods of San Sebastian during the previous two months were presented.

Laughter. A humorous play about sexuality: ‘Bazen Behin Clown-ak’ performed a monologue that made us laugh about the self demands around sexuality and erotica, in order to relax the environment.

Dance. At the end of the musical event: The DJ was in charge of selecting the music that went with the event to close the night.