Hormek diote zinemara

Hormek diote zinemara

Donostia 2016 and Ereiten had a perfect ending for the Speaking Walls project, with the screening of four audiovisual works that were created through it. Under the name of Hormek diote zinemara, short films Hormek diote. Dokumentala, Eta gorrek entzuten dute, Gure hormek and Izenbururik gabe (kapital gabeko teknika mistoa) were shown on the screens of Intxaurrondo, Trintxerpe, Errenteria, Egia and Alza. The coordinator of the Hormek diote. Dokumentala project was Koldo Almandoz, and he remembered the most remarkable moments of the project that started by painting murals in San Sebastian and in two nearby towns (Pasaia and Errenteria), in 2015. In Iñigo Salaberria’s Eta gorrek entzuten dute short film, the various types of violence that we have suffered and still suffer are reflected on the walls of the city.

The short film Gure hormek shows a harsh reflection on various aspects of the feminine world, taking the walls of women's shelters as a starting point. Las chicas de Pasaik (María Elorza and Maider Fernández) is a documentary. Last summer, Elurmaluta created an audiovisual mural, using projections and mappings as a starting point, on the Capital wall painted in the elevator next to the Urumea river. In its Izenbururik gabe (kapital gaineko teknika mistoa) work, the collective, which works with new technologies and audiovisuals, created a short-lived mural, using the wall on a giant screen. The Hormek diote zinemara initiative revived that work.

Organizer : San Sebastián - Donostia 2016, Ereiten

Protagonists : Iñigo Salaberria, Koldo Almandoz, Las chicas de Pasaik, Elurmaluta

Tags : Cinema, Projection, Koldo Almandoz, Las chicas de Pasaik, Iñigo Salaberria, Hormek diote, Elurmaluta, Bakearen Itsasargia



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