Atlas. Autoedizio lantegiak (2023) = Atlas. Talleres de autoedición (2023) = Atlas. Self publication's workshops (2023)

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Atlas. Autoedizio lantegiak (2023) = Atlas. Talleres de autoedición (2023) = Atlas. Self publication's workshops (2023)

Atlas: mapped desktop-publishing is a project that seeks to generate a meeting space for all those interested in desktop publishing, where they can exchange experiences and present projects. This is an initiative that Tabakalera is promoting along with the Guillotina collective.

The Atlas: mapped desktop-publishing project seeks to identify, locate and disseminate works made with desktop publishing, as well as promoting mutual knowledge among different creatives and agents. This project has two aspects: on the one hand, the search and diffusion of plastic works made with desktop publishing, and on the other, to encourage the creation of a space for reflection on this phenomenon. These two aspects are translated into:

1- Meetings-Sessions:

On the last Wednesday of each month a series of open sessions are organised in Tabakalera on the subject of desktop-publishing. These meetings-sessions will be the framework in which to present works, share ideas, listen to experiences and make new projects possible, which in turn will be adapted according to the requests of the participants. The idea is that during subsequent sessions dynamics will be proposed depending on the needs identified together during previous sessions. Through these meetings-sessions, in addition to linking together, learning about and reinforcing the community, we seek to learn from new proposals and people, providing different points of view and generating synergies.

2-­ Platform:

We are setting up this infrastructure, located at, with the aim of enabling the visualisation of the scene surrounding desktop publishing. There are an increasing number of independent and amateur people who publish their own work; those who represent in an editorial way their hobbies and reflections. Due to their nature, these works circulate through non-conventional, highly specialised channels for local consumption. This makes these documents hard to find and identify.

If you would like to send us your work to Tabakalera-Ubik, you would like further information or you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

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