Louana Gentner : el calentito

2022-10-03 / 2022-11-25 Artist's space < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Louana Gentner : el calentito

I like to tell stories and watch how people develop bonds with each other. I am in love with love and completely fascinated about how this feeling awakens within us.

What is the exact moment in which we experience love? Not specifically romantic love, nor only shared love, nor expressed love ... but love as a more universal term, love as an emotion, as a feeling, as a fraction of time. Love as something intimate that belongs only to you.  

How do you feel love?

When do we feel it? 

How to recognise it?

How to express it? 

Can love end? 

Can love be denied? 

Can you over-love? 

Can love be trained?

I aim to follow Barbara Fredrickson, who defines the emotion of being in love as micro-moments of just a few seconds, made of a positive emotion that captures you. An ephemeral sensation, but infinitely renewable and the most powerful of all emotions.

I'm interested in exploring all the forms these moments can take, from deep laughter to holding hands, from stimulating conversation to folding laundry.

I want to enter those seconds when someone experiences love, to be able to explore and expand it. I imagine developing a diverse landscape where those moments of love coexist and are able to express all their nuances!

I would like to develop a series of games that help me access and better understand these spaces of love, exploring the game as a means of investigation.

To play in order to connect and to find limits.

Each game, with its specific rules, will invite one or more people to play with me, either live or online. Each game will have a new set-up and I will invite friends/artists to collaborate on the rules. I will collect stories, generate links, and through words and bodies I will try to capture the precise moment in which love is born.