Edgar Zendejas : improvisación de un fauno

2023-01-09 / 2023-02-09 Artist's space < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Edgar Zendejas : improvisación de un fauno

Most of the inspiration for a collaboration and search process is mainly based on my huge interest in the famous ballet performed and choreographed by Nijinsky in 1912, Afternoon of a Faun.

One of my goals in this creation and process is to bring a story where interaction and the discovery of oneself and our relationships with others lead us to see the multiple facets of interaction between those around us, as well as internal discovery. All the emotions, feelings and thoughts that exist in an individual and personal journey. A faun with his desires is just an excuse to investigate beyond what we all experience over the course of our journey, experiencing multiple forms of relationships and discoveries.

I feel that the theme of Afternoon of a Faun can lead us to a great exploration in the exchange of energies through contemporary dance. My idea is not to take a literal style to the original ballet, but to take the same line as inspiration for all the members. To explore multiple relationships between faun and nymph, between fauns, between nymphs, an endless exchange of energies with the exploration of all their contrasts, connections and conflicts.

The relationship that exists in this inspiring theme also covers our relationship with nature, its beauty, its mystery, its embrace and its cruelty. Nature is strongly present in this creation, and establishes a location and an atmosphere for each one of the states of the characters, while also influencing the purpose and direction of the dance's movement. Nature is changing and unpredictable, though it is also fair. These mythological creatures embrace this day-to-day panorama as the setting where their lives are played out.