Horrela ikusten dut nire burua = Así me veo = That's How I See Myself

Horrela ikusten dut nire burua = Así me veo = That's How I See Myself

What is a self-portrait? What are its ingredients?

The Así me veo (That’s how I see myself) publication is the result of a research and deep experimentation process carried out by author and illustrator Josune Urrutia in person. With this proposal we are invited to a process of observation, reflection and action.

During the workshop we will carry out some of the exercises proposed in the book to explore different ways of approaching our perspective: time, mirrors, reflection and deformation, the parts of the body..., each participant creating their own Así me veo fanzine.

It is not necessary to have drawing notions to take part in the workshop. We can all draw, with more or less skill. Technique is not what is most important. In the words of John Berger "The drawn image contains the experience of looking" and that reveals that drawing is largely an exercise of observation.

This workshop is, therefore, a proposal to play, to be willing to be surprised and to look while drawing.

Organizer : Tabakalera - Ubik

Protagonists : Josune Urrutia Asua

Tags : Workshop, Self-publishing, Handiwork, Drawing, Atlas, Self-portrait, Josune Urrutia Asua



  •  That's how I see myself
  •  That's how I see myself