Labo 4

Labo 4

Image: The unnatural. Marcos Sánchez

LABO 4, 104'. Session with subtitles in Basque. Presentation: Sébastien Duclocher, member of the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival.

Love (Amour)

Réka Bucsi, Hungary, France, 2016, 15', No dialogue, DCP

A short film describing love on a distant solar system, in three chapters. Abstract haiku-like situations reveal the change in atmosphere on one planet, caused by the change of gravity and light. This pulsing planet makes the inhabitants become one with each other.

Shit (Merde)

Yong Zeng, China, 2016, 30', OV in Chinese with Basque subtitles, DCP

The story of an artist who has no talent but insists on pursuing his artistic endeavours through black humour. One day he meets a model who changes his quiet life. Together, they experience a series of weird things.

The Unnatural

Marcos Sánchez, Chile, 2016, 5', No dialogue, DCP

A story told in fragments, showing a shape-shifting creature, a girl and an ordinary man engaged in a mysterious chase through a pitch-black forest.


Axel Danielson, Maximilien van Aertryck, Sweden, 2016, 15', OV in Swedish with Basque subtitles, DCP

The situation itself highlights a dilemma. The fear of going for it, or the humiliation of backing down. What are we like when we hesitate, and when we decide? How do we behave when we are alone, and what are we like when relating to others?

Special Jury Prize and Audience Prize in the Labo competition at Clermont-Ferrand 2017.

Film, Beyonder III

Pierre Feytis, France, 2016, 5', OV in English with Basque subtitles, DCP

Gog is an artist who hates the movies. One day, as he is vulgarly scratching his head, a neighbor notices a mysterious steel rod in Gog's garden...

489 années

Hayoun Kwon, France, 2016, 11', OV in Corean with Basque subtitles, DCP

This is a transcription of an account by Kim, a former South Korean soldier, who was sent on a search mission into the DMZ (the Korean Demilitarized Zone), a place that is closed to human entry and where nature has regained its dominance. He tells us of the stunning discovery he made there.

Kaltes Tal (El valle frío)

Florian Fischer, Johannes Krell, Germany, 2016, 12', No dialogue, DCP

The film describes the work cycles in an open-pit mine where limestone is mined, which is returned to nature by the liming of forests. The plot constructs an absurd but authentic cycle in order to counteract the irreversible consequences that occur when natural resources are depleted.

Mention of the Jury, Documentaire sur Grand Écran, in the Labo competition at Clermont-Ferrand 2017.


Alberto Vázquez, Spain, France, 2016, 11', OV, DCP

The world is a wonderful stage but it has an appalling cast... Underground animation. International premiere in the Animated Film Festival of Annecy, best animation in Vila do Conde, “Silver Méliès” award to the best European fantastic short film in the San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival.