El recetario : recetas & forks

El recetario : recetas & forks

Collective workshop in which we learned how to use methodologies of design in open code. Via experimenting with rejected materials, we built prototypes, as well as the guidebooks that will include the instructions to replicate the prototypes created.

The workshop had two distinct parts: one on theory and raising awareness about waste and how it can be reused, looking at objects made using open source processes; and another more practical part, where participants experimented with materials from Tabakalera’s storeroom and build new prototypes or furniture that could be taken home afterwards. 

The workshop was for anyone interested in design, waste products and DIY, and promotes multidisciplinary teamwork. 

The workshop’s main aims were: 

To propose and explore new furniture solutions through planning, design and transforming waste.
To create collective and participative dynamics that encourage DIY as a tool for raising awareness and direct reflection.
To train participants in how to use open source design tools.
To promote a DIWO (Do It With Others) culture.
To publish the results and instruction manuals on the digital platform El-Recetario.net To find constructive habitat solutions.