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Ikasgelatik laborategira. Prentsaurrekoa = Del aula al laboratorio. Rueda de prensa = From the classroom to the laboratory. Press conference

2017-04-25 / 2017-04-25 Hirikilabs. Digital Culture and Technology Laboratory < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa

That morning, Ane Rodriguez Armendariz, cultural director of Tabakalera, together with Diana Franco, head of Hirikilabs, and educational processes researcher and designer Susanna Tesconi, presented the meeting “From the classroom to the laboratory” held on 5 May in the International Centre for Contemporary Culture. Ikasgelatik laborategira (From the classroom to the laboratory) is activity aimed at education professionals which seeks to answer various questions and propose new ones. What obstacles do we find when creating open laboratories? And how do we overcome them? How to adapt the methodologies, the education material, etc, to new technologies? What are spaces for creativity like? In schools we called the laboratory the space and/or cross-cutting activities used so that pupils, based on an experimental application, can assimilate the knowledge, skills or capacities they are required to learn. This cross-cutting nature of the laboratory space and activities makes it possible to learn and create in a more open, dynamic, critical, practical and collaborative way. We see the laboratory as a space to innovate in education, where pupils acquire other skills related to creativity, group work or autonomy and initiative. Hows, whys and what fors This meeting to design open laboratories in the educational field was to highlight the work process – a Hirikilabs initiative – carried out over almost two years. Throughout this time, a group of educational professionals had compared their experiences with the objective of analysing the hows, whys and what fors relating to people’s use of technology and in particular its use in educational contexts. This process had resulted in a document that brings together recommendations of good practices for addressing the idea of ​​laboratories in the educational field, whose publication, coordinated by Susanna Tesconi, was presented at the meeting. “From the classroom to the laboratory” was attended by guests such as Ista Boszhard (Waag Society - Amsterdam), Inés Bebea (Ondula - Madrid) and Lucía Arias (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology - Liverpool), who shared their respective experiences in talks throughout the morning, while in the afternoon various practical activities will take place, facilitated by some of the teachers who have participated in the study and in the writing of the document: Jabi Luengo, Jokin La Calle, Eneko Apalategi, Ibon Burgoa, Iñaki Zarauz and Susanna Tesconi herself.