La terraza magnética : Schlammpeitziger

La terraza magnética : Schlammpeitziger

Every summer, every terrace, of every art centre, comes alive, and this year, every Saturday in July we want to bring you a piece of La Casa Encendida’s Magnetic Terrace, with the electronic music it has in store for you. 

So, every Saturday in July, we had got on our dancing shoes. 


Jo Zimmermann (Schlammpeitziger) is a key name in the Cologne electronic scene. He has developed his own, unique musical cosmos which has earned him an international following and prestige since his first work in 1993. Since then he has released around a dozen records with renowned avant-garde labels such as A-Musik and Sonig (run by Mouse on Mars). 

Combining retro electronic sounds and simple yet captivating melodies, Schlammpeitziger incorporates textures from the early German pioneers such as Kraftwerk and Cluster in a context which blends pop with changing electronic rhythms, seemingly inspired by folklore from other worlds. Themes from their album What’s Fruit (2014) have been remixed by reputed artists including Andreas Dorau, Candie Hank, Mouse on Mars and others. 

His entertaining performances distil irony and a surrealist sense of humour, and are always accompanied by striking experimental videos from Ulrike Goken, a Schlammpeitziger member since 2003. 

In Tabakalera he unveiled themes from his soon-to-be-released album on the renowned German label Bureau B.