La terraza magnética : DJ Marcelle - Another Nice Mess

La terraza magnética : DJ Marcelle - Another Nice Mess

Every summer, every terrace, of every art centre, comes alive, and this year, every Saturday in July we want to bring you a piece of La Casa Encendida’s Magnetic Terrace, with the electronic music it has in store for you. 

So, every Saturday in July, we had got on our dancing shoes. 


Surprise, adventure, entertainment and education. These are the four words often used to describe the Dutch producer and DJ Marcelle Van Hoff (Another Nice Mess), who for 15 years has been travelling around Europe amazing all sorts of audiences.

Marcelle's highly original mixes are technically faultless, and he has his own style which is comparable with that of few others. Hans-Joachim Irmler, founding member of Faust (a living legend of ‘krautrock’), has supported Marcelle since 2008 and published four of the artist’s records on his Klangbad label. Marcelle ignores the standards and clichés in the art of mixing to create a sound inspired by the avant-garde, Dada and dub experimentation. He delivers unprecedented sessions with Eastern and African rhythms and sometimes combines all styles (dubstep, breakbeat, hip hop, Caribbean music...), although he doesn’t take his eye off the latest in electronic music. Everything is mixed to perfection in a three-course infectious and magnetic session. 

Marcelle is a firm believer in ecstasy derived from exploring and creating new sounds, and he knows how to convey it, carefully selecting music from his extensive collection of roughly 15,000 vinyl records. He shows impeccable taste in mixing the past with new trends.