Tabakalera taulara : bailar por bailar

Tabakalera taulara : bailar por bailar

Every Thursday this summer, always at half past eight in the afternoon, the rooftop terrace of Tabakalera hosted again a selection of work linked to live performance arts. From 6 July until 31 August we were able to enjoy different proposals that combine sound, the body, movement, choreography and language. 

Maia Villot had prepared a selection of works by Rodrigo Cuevas, Maite Arroitajauregi (Mursego), Jorge Dutor and Guillem Mont de Palol, Idurre Azkue and Joseba Irazoki, Hipólito Patón and Vicente Arlandis, Jaume Ferrete, Beatriz Setién and Lisa Nogara, Luciana Chieregati and Ibon Salvador (Colectivo Qualquer) and Nazario Diaz. 

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, 
many, many, many Thursdays, 
summer Thursdays, 
every Thursday in July, every Thursday in August 
… up on the fourth floor, up on the rooftop terrace, 
under the open sky, when it's still daytime, when it's not yet night-time, 
during that in-between where we know how we'll start but not how we'll end.
Something every Thursday. 
In each thing some bodies. 
Bodies dancing, bodies singing, making sound, vibrating, talking, moving, travelling.
Dancing bodies. 
And Frankenstein's wife, the picturesque agitator, Margaret Thatcher, Beyoncé, the human microphone, dancing for the sake of dancing, voices, words, watercolours, velvet, tribute songs, choreographies, actions and invocations, laughter… 
All unleashed upwards, without a ceiling to stop them. 

Maia Villot 


Photo: Igor Zalbidea 

With the hair of Juana Molina, the nose of Idoia Zabaleta, the body of Gloria Fuertes, the right arm of Elena Santoja, the left arm of Gloria van Aerssen, the lips of Michel Etchecopar, the eyes of Martirio, the grey hairs of Harkaitz Cano, the hands of Cheikha Remitti, the fingers of E.T. and the accent of Markku Peltola I will become Frankenstein’s wife, a looper-rapper, a preaching weaver and Mauritanian shaman.