Oinherri : herri hezitzailea, eskola herritarra

Oinherri : herri hezitzailea, eskola herritarra

Programme with teachers

This programme is carried out in collaboration with the Oinherri network, in which we have been participating since 2014. This is a group for reflection on, and the production of, collective knowledge, which promotes educational spaces from community participation and the use of the Basque language. Its proposals are brought to all through three lines of work: the development of work in different towns and villages, the publication of workbooks that reflect upon the overlap between theory and practice, and the organization of seminars.  

In 2017, two further publications were added to the five that already exist, one of them proposed by Tabakalera’s Education Team, which proposes an analysis of the relation between art and collaborative projects.

On this training day, aimed at people interested in education, four workshops shall be carried out simultaneously, to shed light on the theoretical bases of four of the workbooks: How to organise a camp from a participation standpoint - Amarauna; How to build a play centre, from a participation standpoint - Txatxilipurdi; Play as right and reality; Artistic education and collaborative processes - Tabakalera.

At the end, there will be a round table debate to address the theme of the following workbook: gender and body diversity. Guests such as the Candela Association or Bilgune Feminista will participate.