Zinema familientzat (2017-11-05) = Cine para familias (05-11-2017) = Family Morning Cinema Session (2017-11-05)

Zinema familientzat (2017-11-05) = Cine para familias (05-11-2017) = Family Morning Cinema Session (2017-11-05)

Image: Primary Expansion, Johan Rijpma

Screening and optative workshop for families

Projection of  animation short films -with no words- to enjoy family life. Punto y Raya is a fiesta of pure Form, Colour, Motion and Sound which uses dots and lines (the most minimalist units of representation) as expressive elements. The universality of its theme has attracted a diversity of collectives from around the globe and found a hugely creative and energetic accomplice in its younger audiences. In 2012, Punto y Raya held its first edition dedicated exclusively to young audiences, with content produced by children aged between 6 and 12 years. The call for proposals attracted works from Spain, Australia, the USA, Ukraine, Argentina, Iceland and Greece, to name a few, and this programme includes a diverse range of short films selected for family audiences. The first section — works created by adults — makes an unusual exploration into abstraction in the everyday world. The second presents the finalists and winners of PyR Junior 2012, including two films jointly produced in Bilbao.

Besides the projection, Tabakalera's Education team will offer the optional workshop Kamaleoiak gara! Cinema

In the autumn workshops, we shall focus on drawing (dots and lines) to make our animations and experiment with the creation of flip books building surrealist Exquisite Corpses, making films and using Stop Motion to bring our own drawings to life.

The workshop is free and has a capacity of 20 people. If you want to participate in the workshop, you can indicate it when buying the ticket.



Primary Expansion Expansión Primigenia, Johan Rijpma, Netherlands, 2012, 1'

Pencil Dance Baile de lápiz, Chris Casady, USA, 1989, 2'48''

Bird Shit Caca de Pájaro, Caleb Wood, USA, 2013, 0'40''

Against the Grain A contrapelo, Jonathan Chong, Australia, 2011, 3'23''

Shift Cambio, Max Hattler, United Kingdom, 2012, 3'00''

Pedal, Tom Jobbins, United Kingdom, 2012, 1'13''

Mushroom Tea Té de setas, Max Martin, United Kingdom, 2011, 1'51''


Made by Children

Argiz beteriko zuloa Un agujero lleno de luz, Bilboko udalekuak, Spain, 2012, 1'15'’

Un llibre sense paraules, Flipbook Pau Vila, Spain, 2012, 1'54''

The Balloon Friends, The balloon friends, Argentina, 2012, 1'39''

Sinkin’ Shapes Formas naufragando, Simio, Awg, Greece, 2012, 2'30''

El viaje del punto submarino, Marc Volpe Prignano, Spain, 2012, 1'16''

Un mundo sin rayas ni puntos es un caos, Abel Jiménez Serna, Spain, 1'17''

Puntibaile, Mar Reverter Rosado, Spain, 2012, 1'45''

Opera abstracció Ópera abstracción, Cintal, Paura & Sofía, Spain, 2012, 1'23''

swhbgkquehduish-- zas! , Colectiv Flipbooks, Spain, 1'40''

Parents and Children Padres e hijos, Ecoanima, Ucraine, 2012, 4'16'

Forma magikoak Formas mágicas, Sopelako udalekuak, Spain, 2012, 1'11''