Nolakoa da zure heroia? = ¿Cómo es tu héroe o heroína? = What's your hero or heroine like?

Nolakoa da zure heroia? = ¿Cómo es tu héroe o heroína? = What's your hero or heroine like?

We'll come together in this workshop to draw superheroes and superheroines. Bring your class to Ubik, and we’ll work with concepts such as personality, identity, and stereotypes as we draw and create our heroes and heroines. 

What are the superheroes created by others like? What are the today’s heroes like? What characteristics do they have, what personalities? We will review some well-known characters and brainstorm ideas so that everyone can translate their ideas to paper. For example, Shin Chan is a superhero to many. What is his most well-known characteristic? That he's quite brazen. And how does he demonstrate his brazenness? By showing his butt. Hence, certain traits are important for when we cannot use the word. We'll question clichés, stereotypes, and symbols – looking for the answers together. 

The characters that we want to create must have a defined personality when we put them down on paper. In our workshop, we will not place importance on how perfect the drawing is; drawings can be improved by doing them time and time again – and that is something that everyone can do at their own pace. What interests us is the strength of the sketch that we make during the workshop. What the character that we have created conveys, and in what context we decide to place that character… how our character's qualities will become apparent.

How will we work? From the start, we’ll work by hand, with a pen and a piece of paper. Everyone will start at their own pace, assimilating things in their own way, to finally culminate in a display of all the results.

Workshop canceled.