Autobahn + Ethel & Ernst

Autobahn + Ethel & Ernst

Presented by Roger Mainwood

Ethel & Ernest, Roger Mainwood

Komikilabea is an encounter that explores the world of the comic from the artistic and creative point of view, and the point of view of language. In its second edition this year, it is an initiative of the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa, carried out in collaboration with diverse cultural agents of the city. From the cinema of Tabakalera, we join this comic book feast, and propose two works: first of all the premiere of one of last year’s most important animation films, Ethel & Ernest, by artist Roger Mainwood, released in the official section of the London Film Festival last year, based on the graphic novel of the same name by the great classic writer of the genre, Raymond Briggs, one of England’s key comic book writers. The session will be completed with the first work by Roger Mainwood as cartoonist, a video-clip cult work that marked an entire generation.

Roger Mainwood, United Kingdom, 1979, 12'

Ethel & Ernst
Roger Mainwood, United Kingdom-Luxembourg, 2016, 85’