Alfabeto mugikorra = Alfabeto móvil = Mobile alphabet

Alfabeto mugikorra = Alfabeto móvil = Mobile alphabet

Ion Munduate explores in this performance the idea of perceiving the alphabet as something mobile, instead of something fixed, because perhaps the experience of perceiving a moving alphabet, the reading and writing of words and what those words can represent, can create new experiences of language located in a potential state and within the elements that this activity works on, which I like to compare with a developing process.

This process has been proposed with a group of volunteers in the form of a creation workshop. Geographical, choreographic, poetic and dynamic processes are suggested in relation to terms related to borders. The intention is that they can open small cracks in relation to the terms mentioned, thus activating other possibilities.

Thinking about borders through their polyphony; three languages and one alphabet.

Contributors: Ester Adrián, Saioa Aginako, María Albillos, Ángela Arrieta, Iker Barral, Marta Fernández, Cristina Fernández Oset, Sol Liotta , Maialen Martín, Arantxa Mitxelena, Beatriz Saban and Lara Ubago.

Mobile Alphabet is a commission by and for the Mugak/Fronteras research project developed by Maite Garbayo Maeztu in Tabakalera.