Estiu 1993

Estiu 1993

Estiu 1993 (Verano 1993), Carla Simón, Espainia 2017, 97’

18:00 > Conversation: Mikel Gurrea & Carla Simón.
19:30 > Screening and Q&A. 

"Carla and I were classmates in the London Film School. We swapped scripts with each other to share opinions and get better. We collaborated on various short films and worked as Assistant Director on each other’s projects. In the school we were taught to make use of elements around us when making our films, such as characters and contexts, and looks and emotions that we know. I have a perfect recollection of when she told me that she wanted to write a script about her extraordinary childhood. During the next year she sent me dozens of drafts, perfectly structured and alive with detail. Each one gave the impression that Estiu 1993 was going to be an exciting and honest film. In the year that followed she showed me the videos from the casting sessions, in which the actors formed relationships between the characters, as well as the different cuts. It has been a great privilege to learn from Carla’s process, and for me it’s wonderful to see both the public and the critics welcoming the film. When we were asked to give a talk which looked back on her process, we accepted without hesitation. We’ll discuss what we learned in the film school, her process as a film maker, the Cinema en curs- Zinema (h)abian project, which we are both part of, as well as Alain Bergala’s maxim that “the cinema from the past and the today’s different cinema can help us to think about our own cinema”. In short, we’ll talk about cinema and life, something which is easy and a real pleasure when in the company of friends.".

Mikel Gurrea

Organizer : Tabakalera - Proyectos audiovisuales

Protagonists : Carla Simón

Tags : Cinema, Projection, Audiovisual, Seasons, The atomic age, Carla Simón, Presentation



  •  Estiu 1993. Presentación
  •  Estiu 1993. Presentación