Hiria jantzi! = ¡Vestir la ciudad! = Dress the city!

Hiria jantzi! = ¡Vestir la ciudad! = Dress the city!

In Hiria Hackeatu we'll dress the street with our personality

The city's corners and walls are filled with signs, images, and stickers that show us declarations, ideas, criticisms, names... they send us messages, ideas, and various open calls.

The sticker art movement and personalised stickers have gained momentum in recent years, making use of an economical, simple, and accessible technique.

In this workshop on Hiria Hackeatu-Youth, city, and makers, we will use the various tools and resources we have available at Hirikilabs to develop our series of stickers and decked-out t-shirts, and dress the streets with our personality.

Organizer : Tabakalera - Hezkuntza

Protagonists : Garikoitz C. Murua

Tags : Hacker, Hiria hackeatu, City, Design, City transfrom, Young, Garikoitz C. Murua, Serigrafia